All students are expected to attend school.  A parent/guardian must fill the relevant information in the record book and send it across to the class teacher in the event a student is absent. If the student is hospitalized for any medical reason the class teacher must be kept informed. If the child is absent for over two days a medical certificate must be produced on his return to school. 

A student will not be granted long periods of leave from school, and certainly not more than one months leave within a term. If the student does not adhere to this rule he will have to face severe consequences. 

It is mandatory that students in grades 9 – 11 maintain 80% attendance for each term. 

If a student needs to be away for any other reason, prior written approval must be sought from the Headmaster. 

In the event a student has to leave school while school is still in session, parents should submit a written request and obtain a gate pass in order to take the student out of school.