English Debating

English Debating at Prep School has been present since the early stages of the school but it never entered the competitive realm until 2017. Since then, the school has actively taken part in multiple tournaments hosted by various schools. One of our teams emerged Runners- Up in the recent Online Tournament conducted by St. Peter’s College. 

Debating is an activity for the development of wits, knowledge about current affairs and speaking skills all rolled into one. It is no secret that in today’s society the ability of presenting an idea clearly and creatively is invaluable. We do our best to bring out the inner creativity of our students in expressing themselves as members of our society. The debaters are coached by Mr. Senith Abeyanayake who is a Royalist and one of the most prominent figures in the Sri Lankan National Debating Arena. Weekly sessions are conducted either online or physically insofar as the circumstances permit. Additional practices may be scheduled in accordance with tournaments. Teams for each tournament are selected from the members to maximize the chances of our members to take part in debates. Students from grade 7 upwards are welcome to join by attending our weekly sessions.