Cub Scouting

The 39th Colombo Cub Scout Group is one of the oldest Extra-Curricular activities at S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya. 

It was started by Akela Mrs. C. H. Irvine with the assistance of Miss Roberts on the 25th of June 1938 and the numbers were initially limited to just one pack with twelve members. Under the guidance of Akela C. H. Irvine and Miss Roberts, the Cubs showed a lot of interest in the stories from the Jungle Book and spent time learning all the dances of the jungle animals, played tracking games in the garden at the Bishop’s residence, played tons of games, spent time acting and singing at their Cub meetings. 

This pack of twelve was later divided into two packs of six, the Red Wolves and the Grey Wolves. Out of these twelve boys, eleven of them made the Wolf Cubs’ Solemn Promise on the 27th of September 1938 and were inducted into the Great Brotherhood of Scouts. 

With this tradition still being continued, the Cubs’ meeting, which is one of the most exciting and cheerful activities in school is now held on Tuesdays at the school premises from 2.15 P.M. to 3.30 P.M. The pack that started off with just 12 has now grown into 215 Cub Scouts who are presently working to obtain their Bronze Star, Silver Star and Gold Star badges with the assistance of 18 Akelas. Each year, 35-45 Gold Star winners are produced from the 39th Cub Scout Group.

Our Cubs have and continue to participate in many activities such as camps, fun-day outdoor programs, educational excursions, Colombo District swimming meets, hikes, National Cubboree, Back to 44 campfires, and social service projects including Victoria Home, Rajagiriya, Blind School Ratmalana and St. Margaret’s Convent – elders home.