Environmental Society

The foundation of this society was built on the Project done for the “Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions” (POPS) summit. The project focused on the many human habits that has led to the adverse effects of plastic pollution in the Negombo lagoon and its surrounding areas, and how it could be reversed. This project was conducted by Mr. N.M.U.D.B. Navarathne, the senior Science teacher of Prep School and Mr. Praveen de Silva along with ten students: Aqueel Roshan Deen, Adrien Sanjuna Delpitiya, Sakila Vibhath Senarath Bandara, Muhammadh Arqam Deen, Niteesh Dhihelaka Abeywardene, Nemith Sanvidu Kaluarchchi, Thilakshan Balakrishnan, Sathira Nisul Fedrick, Sentitcumaran Kritheeshwar and Navindu Tikiri Fernando. 

The P.O.P.S. summit was held in the U.S.A. from the 18th to the 26th of February in 2019. After successfully completing this tour, the team started promoting beach clean-up campaigns at the Galle Face Beach as well as P.E.T. bottle collection. The beach clean-up campaigns were carried out successfully in collaboration with the Cadets, Scouts, members of the Interact Club as well as representatives of other societies. Thereafter, a decision was made to officially commence an Environmental Society after a discussion with the Headmaster. A committee was then appointed with students representing all the major Sports, Clubs and Societies of the School.

From the Year 2019- 2020 the following projects were conducted by the Society:

  • We were a part of the tree planting event organized by the Diocese of Colombo in Bulathkohupitiya, where 10000 plants were planted. A group of 110 students took part in this program along with the Headmaster and 10 teachers
  • A planting program was carried out in the school premises
  • The G – Cube project 
  • An Art Exhibition
  • A second team of 10 students attended a youth innovation summit in the U.S.A. The summit was based on controlling the harm caused by plastic pollution. They were escorted by Mr. Devaka Weerasinghe. The students were V.R. Rajapaksha, R.M. Gunaratne, D.C. Perera, N.J. Dassanayake, G.D.H.D. Gunasekara, H. Amrishdev, A. Abaiyan, N. Sanjeev and D.D. Cruze

The level of interest with regard to the society remains at a very high level and students have been keen to come up with new suggestions that we can take up as a society. We are hoping to carry out more projects in the coming years with the hope of building a generation of Prepites who are aware of the impact of their actions on the environment, and will do their best to preserve it.