General Knowledge Club

The General Knowledge Club was initiated in 2019 and has been very active in the short span of its existence thus far. The purpose of this club is to provide its members the opportunity to engage in learning about an immense variety of topics ranging from anatomy to zoography. This is possible because General Knowledge, as the name implies, has no limits. 

We encourage our members to research all sorts of topics that are then thoroughly dissected and examined at our weekly meetings that take place on Wednesdays from 2 – 4 PM in the Senior Laboratory. In terms of online school, meetings are carried out regardless. Each week, a new theme is explored at the meeting with the exception of a theme that runs for a couple of weeks or due to preparations for a quiz competition. The human and technological resources used are maintained at a high quality in order to formulate the best outcomes at our meetings. Guest speakers and field visits are periodically incorporated into the schedule as well. The club furnishes all quiz teams that represent school at various quizzes that usually take place during October each year. This adds exposure to other like-minded students of different institutions which consequently adds a social element to the club as well. Students from grade 7 upwards are allowed to join by informing the committee members of the club. Mr. Praveen de Silva is the Master-In-Charge of the General Knowledge Club at present.