Hindu Union

The daily devotion for the Hindu boys began in the year 1982. Now, the Primary students meet daily for morning prayers while the Senior students meet only on Monday, Thursday and Friday of every week. The first election of Office Bearers of this Society was conducted in the year 1994. Since then, office bearers are appointed annually to serve and be in charge of the activities of the Hindu Union.

The Saraswathi Pooja, which is organized annually by the Hindu Union commenced in 1982 and is conducted every October.  From 1993 onwards, the Saraswathi Pooja was conducted in a grand scale at The New Kathiresan Hall, Ramakrishna Mission Hall and thereafter at Sasakawa Hall.  Competitions for the Saraswathi Pooja began in 1993. Prizes for Drama, Speech, Thevaram Memorization, Thirukkural writing, Essay writing and Music competitions are distributed on the day of the Saraswathi Pooja since 2013. On this day, we invite representatives from other schools and also from Religious Societies in our school to join us.

Throughout the year, the members of the Hindu Society participate in numerous programmes and activities:
  • The first ever Maha Sivarathri Pooja was conducted in February, 1987 along with Special Religious Programmes.
  • In 1986, the students participated in the All-Island Religious Competition held by the Vivekananda Society.
  • Since the year 1992, our students have participated in several Inter-School Competitions annually, and have won many awards.
  • In 2019, for the first time, our students and staff were taken for a Special Pooja to Munneswaram Temple in Chilaw on the 16th of February.
  • The grade 11 students participated in the Inter-School Oratorical Contest conducted by the Department of Hindu Affairs where K. Surendran was placed first and awarded a Gold Medal for Best Orator.

   The Hindu Union also carries out Social Service work by helping poor students.