Archival records identify the 39th Colombo Scout Group as one of the oldest Extra-Curricular activities at S. Thomas’ Prep School. Cub Scouting began at Prep on the 25th of June, 1938, just one month after Prep School was founded on the 17th of May that year. The 39th Colombo Scout Group was officially registered as a Cub Scout pack on the 31st of October, 1939. The first Scout Troop was formed on the 12th of February, 1941. Scouting continued during the relocation of the School after 1942 due to World War II, at the temporary homes of Prep School at Bandarawela and at Alwis Place. On returning to Kollupitiya after World War II, Scouting continued until the Standard VI was abolished at Prep School in 1953 and 39th Colombo reverted back to been a Cub Pack. With the expansion of the School, under Headmaster J.S.L. Fernando, keen on Scouting himself, the Group resumed Scouting under the guidance of Mr. M.E. Weragoda in 1969. This Troop continues unbroken today.

The first Troop camp was conducted at an abandoned poultry farm in Talangama, in 1970. Thereafter, annual Troop Camps have been held in all parts of Sri Lanka except the Northern Province, with a contingent from 39th Colombo finally being able to attend a camp in the Northern Province during the Jaffna Jamboree in 2016.

39th Colombo entered Show Business in 1970, taking part in the Colombo District Gang Shows. In 1988, 39th Colombo presented the first Gang Show produced solely by the Group, titled “Lessons to Learn,” which was followed by shows titled “As We Go Along” (1991) and “Celebrations” (1994) becoming the only Scout Group in Sri Lanka to have produced three gang shows with only Cubs, Scouts, Family Members and Staff of 39th Colombo taking part.

“Look Wide” is the motto of the Senior Scouts. In the mid-eighties, 39th Colombo made another entry to International Jamborees, where our Prep Scouts have over the years had the privilege of representing Sri Lanka in Jamborees in Australia, U.S.A., U.K., India, Japan, and Singapore.

In 1992 and 1994, 39th Colombo were the proud winners of the Mayor’s Flag competition, having also emerged Runners-Up in many years, most recently in 2012. In 2016, 39th Colombo was able to reclaim its past glory by winning the Mayor’s Flag once again. This is an annual practical competition to choose the best Scout Troop in the Colombo District.

The 39th Colombo Scout Troop continues to form an active and integral part of the life of Prep School, and Scouts are at the fore in all events, rendering service at Prize Givings, Sports Meets, and other School events, in addition to the immeasurable service it has rendered in moulding the lives of generations of Scouts. The Scout Group meets every Saturday from 2PM – 5:30PM at the school premises. 

Scout Troop Administration

The Scout Troop is run by the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC), consisting of elected members from Grade 11. The Patrol Leaders’ Council involves Patrol Leaders and the adult leadership team. The point of a Patrol Leaders’ Council is to give the Scouts an understanding of managing and running the Troop with guidance from the adults, which helps in developing key leadership skills for their own future.